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The Personal Data Processing Policy is a document that seeks to give transparency to the way in which EGG Science collects, treats, stores, uses and disposes of the personal data of its employees, customers, visitors and other audiences. In addition to being a requirement of the General Personal Data Protection LAW (LAW No. 13.709, OF AUGUST 14 2018), EGG science believes that it is its responsibility to treat the information of its employees, customers, partners, visitors and users in a manner that is appropriate and respectful to the privacy of each individual.

How to Use

The Data Processing Policy is mandatory for anyone working with EGG Science and must be made available on the company’s website, in a manner open to consultation by anyone visiting EGG Science’s website.

Best Practices

The Personal Data Processing Policy must be explicitly presented to the employee and disclosed in the main media of the company.


Your privacy is important to us! At EGG Science we consider the right to secrecy, confidentiality, privacy and security of your personal data to be important. Therefore, under the terms of the General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13.709/18) and subordinate legislation, we respect and ensure your protection. This Personal Data Processing Policy, therefore, seeks precisely to contribute to achieving these two objectives:

✓ comply with the LGPD; and

✓ respect the personal data of our community.



In order to protect the privacy of the personal data of its employees, associates, customers, partners and other publics, under the terms of the General Data Protection Law and other related legal standards, EGG Science has established this Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy (PPTDP). PPTDP describes how privacy is protected by EGG Science when handling personal information under the LGPD.

We are committed to following the following data protection principles:

✓ processing is legal, fair and transparent. Our processing activities have legal bases. We always consider your rights before processing personal data;

✓ availability of information on processing on request;

✓ processing limited to the purpose. Our processing activities fit the purpose for which the personal data was collected;

✓ processing done with minimal data. We only collect and process the minimum amount of Personal Data necessary for any purpose;

✓ processing limited for a period of time. We will not store your personal data for longer than necessary;

✓ efforts to ensure the accuracy of the data; and commitment to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data.


HolderAll individuals who will use or visit the website(s), systems and/or application(s) owned by EGG Science, as well as any individual who completes registration, contracts or any other document, whether physical or electronic, as a result of any type of relationship with EGG Science.
Personal DataAny information provided and/or collected by EGG Science and/or its affiliates, by any means that: (i) identifies, or that, when used without combination with other information treated by EGG Science identifies an individual; or (ii) through which the identification or contact information of an individual may be derived. Personal Data may be in any media or format, including electronic or computerized records, as well as paper-based files. Personal Data, however, does not include business data such as: business phone, business mobile number, business address, business email.
PurposePurpose that EGG Science wishes to achieve from each act of processing personal information.
NeedJustification for which it is strictly necessary to collect personal data in order to achieve the purpose, avoiding excessive collection.
LAWFUL BASISLegal basis that makes it legitimate for EGG Science to process personal data for a certain prior purpose.
ConsentExpress and unequivocal authorization given by the Personal Data Subject for EGG Science to process their personal data for a purpose previously described, in which the legal basis necessary for the act requires the express authorization of the holder.
Processing or treatmentAny operation or set of operations performed on Personal Data or on sets of Personal Data.

This policy generally applies to all Holders and potential Holders of the services offered by EGG Science, including users of the websites or other means operated by EGG Science, and summarizes how the institution may collect, produce, receive, classify, use, access, reproduce, transmit, distribute, process, archive, store, delete, evaluate or control the information, modify, communicate, transfer, disseminate, extract or dispose of the collected data, including personally identifiable information, in accordance with applicable legal bases and all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

By accessing and/or using the website(s), systems and/or application(s) of EGG Science, the Holder declares to have full and express capacity for the acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Personal Data Processing Policy and the Consent Form for all legal purposes.

If the Holder does not fit the description above and/or does not agree, even in part, with the terms and conditions contained in this Personal Data Processing Policy, he/she must not access and/or use the services offered by EGG Science, as well as the websites, systems, applications and services operated by it.

Holder rights

The Holder has the following rights:

Right to informationYou have the right to know whether your personal data is being processed; what data is collected, where it is obtained from and why and by whom it is processed.
Right of accessYou have the right to access data collected from / about you. This includes your right to request and obtain a copy of your Personal Data collected.
C) Right to rectificationYou have the right to request the rectification of your Personal Data that is inaccurate, inaccurate or incomplete.
Right to erasureIn certain circumstances, you may request that your personal data be deleted from our records.
The right to restrict processingWhere certain conditions apply, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data.
Right to object to processingIn certain cases, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, for example in the case of direct marketing.
Right to object to automated processingYou have the right to object to automated processing, including profiling; and not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing. This right may be exercised whenever there is a result of the profiling that has legal effects on it or that significantly affects it.
The right to data portabilityYou have the right to obtain your Personal Data in a machine-readable format or, if possible, as a direct transfer from one processor to another.
The right to file a complaintIn the event that we decline your request under the Access Rights, we will provide you with an explanation. If you are not satisfied with the way your request has been handled, please contact us.
Right to the assistance of a supervisory authorityYou have the right to the help of a supervisory authority and the right to other legal remedies, such as damages.
Right to withdraw consent.You have the right to withdraw any consent given to the processing of your personal data.


Data we collect

Information you have provided to us

It may be your email address, name, billing address, home address etc.-mainly information that is required to deliver you a product / service or to improve your customer experience with us. We save the information you provide to us so that you can comment or perform other activities on the site.

Information collected automatically about you

This includes information that is automatically stored by cookies and other session tools. For example, your shopping cart information, your IP address, your purchase history (if any), etc. This information is used to improve the customer experience. When you use our services or consult the content of our website, your activities may be recorded.

Information from our partners

We collect information from our trusted partners with confirmation that they have legal bases to share this information with us. This is information that you have provided directly to them or that they have collected about you based on other legal grounds.

Publicly available information

We may collect information about you that is publicly available. The Holder is aware that it provides information consciously and voluntarily, regardless of the form or media with which the information will be collected by EGG Science. When the Holder registers and/or completes forms offered by EGG Science, including the website(s), systems and/or application(s) operated by them, certain Personal Data requested will be kept confidential and will be used only for the purpose that motivated the registration.

Sharing and processing of personal information

How we use your personal data

We use your personal data for legitimate reasons and / or with your consent.

We use your personal data to:

✓ provide our service to you. This includes, for example, registering your account; providing other products and services that you have requested; providing operational support; providing promotional items at your request and communicating with you in relation to those products and services; communicating and interacting with you; and notifying you of changes to any services;

To enhance the customer experience

✓ comply with a legal or contractual obligation.

Based on the conclusion of a contract or fulfillment of contractual obligations, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

✓ to identify you;

✓ to provide you with a service or to send / offer you a product;

✓ to communicate about sales, billing or operational matters.

Based on the legitimate interest, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

✓ to send you personalized offers (from us and / or our carefully selected partners);

✓ manage and analyze our customer base (history and purchasing behavior) in order to improve the quality, variety and availability of the products / services offered / provided;

✓ conduct customer satisfaction questionnaires.

As long as you have not informed us otherwise, we consider that offering you products / services similar or equal to your purchase history/browsing behavior is our legitimate interest.

With your consent, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

✓ to send newsletters and campaign offers (from us and / or our carefully selected partners);

For other purposes, we ask for your consent.

We process your Personal Data to comply with obligations under the law and / or use your Personal Data for the options provided by law. We reserve the right to make the Personal Data collected anonymous and to use such data. We will use data outside the scope of this Policy only when it is anonymous. We save your billing information and other information collected about you for as long as necessary for accounting purposes or other obligations under the law.

We may process your personal data for additional purposes that are not mentioned here, but are compatible with the original purpose for which the data was collected. To do this, we will ensure that:

✓ the link between the purposes, context and nature of the Personal Data is suitable for further processing;

✓ further processing will not prejudice your interests; and

✓ there will be appropriate protection for processing.

We will inform you of any further processing and purposes.

Who else can access your personal data

We do not share your Personal Data with strangers. In some cases, your Personal Data is provided to our trusted partners to make it possible to provide the service or to improve the customer experience.

We only work with processing partners who can ensure an adequate level of protection of your Personal Data. We disclose your Personal Data to third parties or public officials when we are legally required to do so. We may disclose your Personal Data to third parties if you have consented to it or if there are other legal grounds for it.

EGG Science will not make Personal Data collected on its website(s), systems and/or application(s) available to email list brokers without the express consent of the Owner.

EGG Science may disclose the Personal Data collected to third parties in the following situations and within the limits required and authorized by Law:

a) with its partners, when necessary and/or appropriate for the provision of related services;

b) with the companies and individuals hired to perform certain activities and services on behalf of EGG Science;

c) with suppliers and partners to achieve the services contracted with EGGScience(such as information technology, accounting, among others);

d) for administrative purposes such as: research, planning, service development, security and risk management.

e) as a result of legal obligation, determination of competent authority or judicial decision.

In the event of termination of EGG Science, the respective Holders will be made aware of any legal demands that result in the disclosure of personal information, pursuant to what was exposed in the item and, unless such communication is prohibited by law or prohibited by court order or, if the request is an emergency. EGG Science may challenge these demands if it deems the requests to be excessive, vague or made by incompetent authorities.

Security of Personal Information

How do we protect your information?

We do our best to keep your Personal Data secure. We use secure protocols for communication and data transfer (such as HTTPS). We use anonymization and pseudonymization when appropriate. We monitor our systems for potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

Even if we do our best, we cannot guarantee the security of the information. However, we promise to notify the competent authorities of data breaches. We will also notify you if there is a threat to your rights or interests. We will do everything we can to prevent security breaches and to assist authorities in the event of breaches.

If you have an account with us, please note that you must keep your username and password secret.

All Personal Data will be stored in the EGG Science database or in a database maintained “in the cloud” by the service providers contracted by EGG Science, which are duly in accordance with the information security and personal data processing legislation in force.

EGG Science and its suppliers use various security procedures to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of your Personal Data, preventing the occurrence of any damage due to the processing of such data.

Although EGG Science uses security measures and monitors its system to verify vulnerabilities and attacks to protect its Personal Data against unauthorized disclosure, misuse or alteration, the Holder understands and agrees that there is no guarantee that the information cannot be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed for violation of any of the physical, technical or administrative protections.

Cookies and other technologies we use

We use cookies and / or similar technologies to analyze customer behavior, administer the website, track user movements, and collect information about users. This is done to personalize and enhance your experience with us.

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer. Cookies store information that is used to help make websites work. Only we can access cookies created by our website. You can control your cookies at the browser level. Choosing to disable cookies may make it difficult to use certain functions.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

✓ Cookies required – these cookies are necessary for you to be able to use some important features on our website, such as user access. These cookies do not collect any personal information.

✓ Functionality cookies – These cookies provide functionality that makes the use of our service more convenient and enables the provision of more personalized features. For example, they might remember your name and email in comment forms, so you don’t have to enter that information again the next time you comment.

Analytical ✓ cookies – these cookies are used to track the use and performance of our website and services

✓ Advertising cookies – These cookies are used to deliver ads that are relevant to you and your interests. Additionally, they are used to limit the number of times you see an ad. They are usually placed on the site by advertising networks with the permission of the site operator. These cookies remind you that you have visited a website and this information is shared with other organizations, such as advertisers. Often, targeting or advertising cookies will be linked to the functionality of the website provided by another organization.

You can remove cookies stored on your computer through your browser settings. Alternatively, you can control some third-party cookies using a privacy enhancement platform, such as or For more information about cookies, visit

We use Google Analytics to measure traffic on our site. Google has its own Privacy Policy, which you can review on the company’s website. If you want to disable Google Analytics tracking, please visit the Google Analytics deactivation page.

Data retention

EGG Science retains all data provided, including Personal Data, as long as the registration of the Holder is active and as necessary for the performance of its services.

EGG Science will retain your Personal Data and keep your data stored until any request for deletion, or for a period of 12 months, unless specifically required by law.

EGG Science may maintain your Personal Data after receiving your deletion request if necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse and ensure compliance with contracts.

Legal bases for processing

EGG Science will only process Personal Data in situations where it is legally authorized or with the express and unequivocal consent of the Holder.

As described in this Policy, EGG Science has legal bases for collecting, producing, receiving, classifying, using, accessing, reproducing, transmitting, distributing, processing, archiving, storing, deleting, evaluating or controlling the information, modifying, communicating, transferring, disseminating or extracting data about the Holder.

Legal bases include the consent of the Holder (collected expressly and unambiguously in the Consent Form), contracts and preliminary contractual procedures (where processing is necessary to enter into the contract with the Holder) and legitimate interests, provided that such processing does not violate their rights and freedoms

Such interests include protecting the Holder and EGG Science from threats, complying with applicable law, the regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings, enabling the conduct or administration of business, including quality control, reports and services offered, managing institutional transactions, understanding and improving services and relationships with beneficiaries, associates, volunteers and professionals.

The Holder has the right to deny or withdraw the consent provided to EGG Science, when this is the legal basis for the processing of personal data, and EGG Science may terminate the achievement of its services for this user in the event of such a request.

If you have questions about the legal bases for collecting, processing and storing your personal data, please contact EGG Science and your Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

Right to access and control your personal data

EGG Science offers the Holder several options of what to do with their Personal Data collected, processed and stored, including its deletion and/or correction. The Holder may:

Personal Data

The Data Subject may request the deletion of some of his/her Personal Data (for example, if they are no longer necessary for the provision of the services).

Change or fix data

The Holder may edit or request the editing of some of his/her Personal Data. The Holder may also request updates, changes or corrections to its data in certain cases, especially when and if they are incorrect.

Place objections, limits or restrictions on the use of data

The Data Subject may request the interruption of the use of all or some of his/her Personal Data (for example, if we do not have the right to continue using it), or limit our use of such data (for example, if his/her Personal Data is incorrect or stored illegally), highlighting that EGG Science may process the Personal Data according to the appropriate legal bases.

Access or take your data

The Data Subject may request a copy of his/her Personal Data and the data he/she has provided in a readable form in hard copy or by electronic means.

The Holder may make the requests listed above by contacting our Data Protection Officer through the email [email protected] these requests will be considered in accordance with applicable laws.

Review of this personal data processing policy

In the event that EGG Science modifies this policy, such changes will be posted prominently on EGG Science’s website.

This Policy is valid as of January 1 2022.

If the Data Subject has any questions regarding the data processing policies of EGG Science, please contact us through the addresses and service channels of the Data Protection Officer: [email protected]