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We potentialize man's capacity by means of technology.

We are a global impact company. We build methodologies that help people and organizations in their search for human development. We transform theories into measurement and improvement tools, accessible to everyone. We do everything with precision, creativity, simplicity. We demystify the human identity and their relations. We make access to self-awareness easier. We are world pioneers in our model of business. Trust is our cornerstone. We are a company oriented towards people, towards the human being, which is why responsibility and sustainability always accompany innovation.

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Understand in order to <b><u>change</u></b>

Understand in order to change

Why we exist ? Get to know our manifest

The company was born from the desire to impact mankind, potentializing man’s capacity by means of technology. We transform theories about the human identity and its relations into precise and accessible measurement tools. We build systems and methodologies that help in the search for personal, professional and organizational development. We make access to self-awareness easier. We are world pioneers in our model of business. All this oriented towards people, with innovation, responsibility and sustainability.
Why EGG? Why Science?

Did you know? The tiny firefly egg already emits lights. Just a little. When adult, much more! Lume, our firefly, which has just been born, represents the very light of the transformations and self-discoveries and how they take anyone to light up the world. The more you learn about yourself, the more you leave the egg and greater the reach of the light. So, the ambition of EGG Science: to light up the world promoting self-awareness in a natural manner that it happens from the inside out, along the course of life.

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Unlimited use

With a simple subscription you will gain unlimited access to any assessment, whenever, wherever, and as many times as you need. Have full autonomy to manage your clients and your projects.


Economy guaranteed

The monthly fee is smaller than the average cost of one assessment service. Increase your competitiveness and the profit of your projects significantly.


Unique and exclusive themes

We have explored unique transversal themes such as Trust, Courage, Creativity, Entrepreneurism, Identity, Psychodynamics or, further, Beliefs and Values. Thus we respond to the needs of organizations anywhere in the world.


Inclusive international certification

You think that investments in graduation are very expensive? Our certifications are included in the monthly fee. With your International Certification, you shall have the skills and the necessary credential to attend global projects.


Get to Know the EGG Science team 

Cyrille Schneider

Cyrille Schneider

Commercial & Marketing Director
Jomar Filho

Jomar Filho

Director of Methodology
Nicolas Gounin

Nicolas Gounin

Director of Operations
Eric Chabot

Eric Chabot

Director, France
Egg science of today

An exponential growth

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It is very beneficial to you and your business

Persona Claudia

Your experience is fruit of a consolidated career. Your autonomous work, helping companies and professionals to develop themselves, needs to reflect this success. Always have solid tools and methodologies, which add credibility and emphasis to your work.

EGG Science provides continuous graduation with International Certifications and unique tools. All with unlimited use to ensure savings and better results.


Recruiting strategic or operational people involves great responsibility. Analysis work and alignment with the needs of the contracting party determines the success of your projects. Focused on that, we have developed precise and objective tools for you to work with agility and much more assertiveness.

EGG Science provides, in a single platform, multiple assessments with concise information that shall make all the difference at the moment of presenting your candidates.

Persona Eduardo
Persona Luiz

Medium- or large-sized human or organizational development projects can bring a budgetary challenge, especially with the use of assessments. This can limit your performance and restrict the good results. This reality becomes even more evident when referring to the recruitment of upper management. Imagine managing your projects with assessments in a single platform, accessible to all your consultants, with low monthly cost and unlimited use.

EGG Science provides this management, with respect to the norms of the LGPD and full autonomy to the subscriber.


Investments for developing people must not be an obstacle in the fulfillment of your mission. With a simple subscription, you have access to a complete platform, with unlimited access and a variety of graduations and international certifications, both for your HR team and you leadership.

EGG Science offers tools that to know people better, individually or collectively, all this with an amount that fits any budget. The result is greater efficiency in your recruitment, selection and HOD operations.

Persona Cristiane
Persona José

The decisions that condition performance and sustainability, depend on your strategic viewing both of your company and your team. Reliable tools and precise methodologies ensure a differential of management and optimization of your leadership.

EGG Science provides an accurate, objective and practical analysis of your collaborators potential, both individually and collectively.


Come and grow with us

Eggscience Executive Advisor

Executive advisor
Egg Science Certified

Learn all the concepts of the chosen tool and how to carry out a precise and assertive feedback. Help your client to create a concrete action plan.

This certification enables you sell the tool globally in all the available languages.

There are no prerequisites to carry out this certificate.

Executive advisor

EGG Science Certified
Eggscience Senior Advisor

Senior advisor
Egg Science Certified

Learn to carry out complex crosswise analyses from EGG Science´s tools. Be capable of applying practical methodologies to groups and organizations.

This certification enables you to manage multiple tools on a single management platform.

Necessary prerequisites: Executive Advisor certification and have delivered 50 feedbacks in each tool.

Senior advisor

EGG Science Certified
Eggscience Executive Trainer

Executive trainer
Egg Science Certified

Become an expert in all assessments. Be capable of graduating people in open courses or in the organizations always with the EGG Science seal.

Necessary prerequisites: Senior Advisor certification and to have delivered 100 feedbacks in each tool.

Executive trainer

EGG Science Certified
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